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Self Service Equipment

Laranco has become an important player in the sale and installation of premium-quality self-service equipment. Our top-of-the-line stack units, made by D&S Manufacturing, are constructed of heavy duty, polished stainless steel frames with Cat Pumps and motor ensembles on slide-out mounts for easier servicing. Every unit we sell is custom made for you and is completely pre-wired, pre-plumbed and factory tested. Only the best electronic and mechanical parts are used and Laranco adds special features, like our unique diagnostics control panel, for your easy monitoring of individual bays.

Space Saving All Stainless Steel

Complete with foaming presoak, tire & engine cleaner, soap, tri-foam brush, rinse & wax, tri-wax, and spot-free rinse. Stainless steel tanks & hydrominders, low pressure pumping units, individual adjustments for each bay and many other features.



Spot-Free Rinse With Reverse Osmosis

Deluxe water purification system features stainless steel construction, adjustable flow valve, monitor gauge, low pressure cut-off switch, and reusable membranes. Removes 98% of solids, producing pure rinse water that leaves virtually no spots.



In-Bay Equipment

Includes booms, coin meters, trigger guns, hoghair foam brushes, safes, attractive signage, all associated electrical wiring, chemical lines, hoses, pipe, fittings and much more.
The Full Menu

This equipment, good water quality, and clean bays will keep customers coming back.
Water Softeners

Improve water quality tremendously; protect your equipment and prolong the life of spot free membranes and pumps.

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