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Super D&S 5000

The Super 5000 is D&S latest high-pressure, brushless automatic carwash system with vehicle sizing capability and Power Blaster enhanced wash technology. The Super 5000 is constructed of stainless steel and features variable speed hydraulic operation, ultrasonic and electronic vehicle sizing (duplicate systems for preventing failures), faster cycle times, advanced diagnostics & programmability to out-perform the competition.

System Features
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Pneumatic In-Position Treadle
  • Overhead Feed System
  • PLC controlled, Diagnostic Display
  • On-board Undercarriage and Side Blaster
  • Power Gloss or TriGloss System (option)
  • On-board Dryer Package (option)
  • Sign Packages (option)

Vehicle Sizing

Ultrasonic waves measure the length of each vehicle. The measuring capability of the Super 5000 ensures a high quality wash to every vehicle, regardless of size or length. Two sets of infrared Safety Eyes prevent damage in case of sonar system failure.

Hinged Cabinets

The Gantry Top Covers and the Side Wand Cabinets are hinged for easy accessibility from inside the bay.

Hydraulic Design

The motion and speed is controlled by a hydraulic system that allows the operator complete flexibility to adjust for different washing conditions. Automatic slowdown to the Gantry, at the front and rear of the vehicle is also controlled by the hydraulic system. Highly reliable Hydraulic operation eliminates high voltage in the bay; the need for gearboxes, electric swivels & motors and is the ideal design for the carwash environment.

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