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D&S 5000
Laranco Car Wash Equipment Company has worked closely with D&S Manufacturing Co., Inc. over the last several years to the development of sales, distribution, and service of the D&S 5000 Automatic Car Wash. Rarely have these systems experienced any mechanical difficulties whatsoever. With no high-powered electricity in your water-soaked bay, this unit is the most innovative, hydraulic driven brushless automatic car washing system ever designed for the car wash industry.

The Benefits

The system installs easily, is simple to use, easy to maintain and provides superior car washes; unparalleled by any other car wash on the market. Your customer, who gets most of the benefits, doesn't even have to get out of his vehicle to have a shiny new appearance with no spots. The D&S 5000 is totally programmable and operates by a built-in computer that automatically resets the cycle after each use. The whole wash job takes less than five minutes, but owners can charge from $4 to $8 for each vehicle.
The Pumping Unit
Four different service levels are offered, but customers usually go for the best, which means you average about $5.00 per wash. Your automatic can easily do over 100 washes per day. Compute the results! Completely pre-wired & pre-plumbed with 25 hp, 35 gpm high pressure pump.

The Wash Cycles

The D&S people know how to clean cars and the secret is in the cycles. First, a presoak chemical completely covers the vehicle. Then it's washed with a mixture of soap and high pressure water applied even to areas usually missed by others. In the high pressure rinse cycle, waxes & conditioners can be combined--adding luster & protection to the finish. Finally, a spot free rinse is applied to remove all chemical deposits--preventing spotting and streaking as the vehicle dries.
Safety Eyes
The D & S 5000 also features INFRA-RED PHOTO EYES that reverse the unit if a vehicle enters incorrectly or if an oversized vehicle enters the wash.

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